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packages of 100, available in trays of 4 reverse-numbered boxes of 25,

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drome, hyperviscosity syndrome, and persistence of fetal

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patient speaks in a husky whisper. The extent to which the voice is affected

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registered occupational therapist, clinical psychologist.

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1st Annual Symposium in Cardiopulmonary Diseases. Kelsey-

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Park Plaza Professional Building, 1213 Hermann Drive,

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21 . Kleinknecht D, Deloux J, Homberg JC: Acute renal failure after intra-

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Convention Center. Fee $60, AMA members; $90, nonmembers.

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and fungi were negative and cultures for bacteria and fungi

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International Units per ml. (lU/ml ) The 2-ml. vial con-

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Arthroscopic Meniscectomy. UT Health Science Center at Dallas.

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contact Dr. Dick McFarland, 1502 West Main, Lewisville, Texas 75028;

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glipizide generic and trade name

on the day sheet, on the day of receipt. Entries should

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13. Thornsberry C, Baker CN, Kirven LA: In vitro activity of antimicrobial

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Carcinogenesis. Mutagenesis. Im pairment of Fertilit y

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evaluated cardiovascular mortality data from Taiwan, 21 where

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skin. The appearance of blisters, suggestive of an extensive

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anesthesiology, and surgery as specialties with expanding

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quent, transient increases in serum liver enzymes have been seen.

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ratory function. The probability of the existence of the affection is increased

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Some of the medical issues require further comment.

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March 4-6, 1982 Iris Wenzel, 1905 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78705

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measures are directed, not to disease per se, but to the symptoms or effects

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Propranolol has been found to inhibit renin release in the

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tubercniosis. This wonid be difficalt, and, indeed, sometimes impossible,

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