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Hodges served as a captain in the US Army. Returning home

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oodoles, varying in size from a pea to a filbert, are found distributed in

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heart ; hence the venous congestion of the face and neck, and, to a greater

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ported. If developed, discontinue Rufen and administ;

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or operating dangerous machinery (See Warnings). Caution should be taken wi

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aggressiveness; (5) fatigue, sleep problems, enuresis or en-

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practice, the attorney general of Texas issued his long-

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determined Discontinue corrective measures and Dyazide'

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Beta adrenergic receptors, when stimulated, cause periph-

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ences, 1300 Moursund. Houston. TX 77030 713/797-1976 ext 220

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in other series of cases treated otherwise. This statistical investigation is

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severity of grand mal seizures may require increased

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American Gastroenterological Association, New York, May 16-17,

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include reproducibility and relative noninvasiveness. For the

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served on the hospital’s staff for more than 23 years, begin-

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versity of Texas and a 1 935 graduate of UT Medical Branch

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and if not, then this shall be good cause for denial.

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The British prospective studies have also been interpreted

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mise? Is this a buzzword? Or did you feel medicine was in-

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slow CNS stimulants, e g caffeine Metrazol. or ampheta-

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in the diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal affections. By means of this

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nethidine may be given in an initial large loading dose over a

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Application of an analgesic lubricant gel such as lidocaine jelly to the uretha is

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tion has no special characteristics. The severity and danger are not owing

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The term atrophy expresses a condition, as regards nutrition, the reverse

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2 Intravenous administration of 300 to 500 ml/hr of a 10%

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The court further opined that the formation of nonprofit

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Capsules— 250 mg in bottles of 100 500 mg. in bottles of 100.

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Fetal distress was diagnosed in 13 of 21 cases reviewed.

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