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unclean lips, must be repulsive to any person of average refinement and
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nary meetings, the reading of clinical memoranda on cases
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might not be after all of a malignant character and that
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a single limb to be implicated, and diSieulty can only arise
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In answer to Sir Henry Thompson I will briefly relate the
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which have been obtained from unregistered persons pro-
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all at about the third mouth; the last was accompanied by g'eat haujor-
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there was swelling, made me believe that the cord was
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to the inclement weather on the second day of the gala. The amount paid
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rather later than in apical. A dull tympanitic note was often
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mother (who told a diU'erent tale at the inquest) that the boy had a
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infection has still to be estimated indirectly in terms of the
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restriction was imposed to stop the evil practice of supplying methyl-
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embolism, etc. When in 1846 he had concluded his first ob-
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dialysing out the salts from their solutions confirms this sup-
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survived him but a few days, and was buried in the same
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50, Rodney Street, Liverpool ; John B. Hellier, M.D., 1, De
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these organs is that pigmentation or bronzing of the skin has
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pox and cholera are adding new emphasis to the demand for
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the Act of 1SR6 their duties were difterent, and they considered that the
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improvement is ma sed into one category it is d tfienlt to
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formation of fibrous tissue which, here, is even more dense than
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tions of labour, expenditure, and space, which require to be carefully
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allorded sufficient indications that facilities would be given by many
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may disappear altogether and await reintroduction. There
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putting this supposition to the test of experiment, one soon
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in July next by the retirement in rotation of the three mem-
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— H. E. Powell, Honorary Secretary, Glenarra House, L'pper (Jlapton,
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least, very unsafe, and therefore inadvisable ; but to approve
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The specific gravity of the urine was 1038; it had a marked
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accidentHl circumstances may occur, such as the collision of
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only be administered by medical men experienced in the use of anses-
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the necessity for restriction of any kind. On the other hand
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man. Several cases of small-pox of recent occurrence in and around
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Scanes Spicer, M.D. Council: Mr. Cresswell Baber : Dundas
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letter somewhat warmly expressed, to tlie composition of
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is somewhat contradictory when he speaks of a kind of puerperal fever
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mouth. (H) Mr. T. Holmes, London ; Mr. A. W. Hall, Glasgow ; H. L.
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sinuses open, and dressed with absorbent wool soaked in
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events their hospital is not built. At Bexley it was proposed
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the last two censuses, and to assume that this rate of increase has been
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