Furacin Powder

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bonate of inagncsia. The present U. 8. Pharmacopteia, however, admits
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valuable therapeutically, and then, in the description of each remedy, to
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of Dr. Garrod, it appears that animal charcoal is an efficient antidote to
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bilitating effects. In some cases the principal substance may
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14. Schaedler, R. W., and R. J. Dubos. 1962. The fecal flora of
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Active Constituents. These are a peculiar volatile oil, and tannic acid,
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In amenorrhcea depending upon weakness, the cold bath
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odour when bruised, and of a mucilaginous, somewhat acrid taste. By
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menses, painful menstruation, or suppression of the lochia,
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made in the proportion of an ounce to a pint of boiling water, may be
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patibility has reference, not to the Peruvian bark, but to the subatauoo ]
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some than clothing made of animal matter. Thus, linen and
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sary. As it occasions some pain if brought into direct contact with the
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food, air, climate, and manner of life, make a great difference
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