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Dwarf Cherry Group ) ; Native Apples (Indigenous Species, Amelio-

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By A. J. Semmes, M. IK, Visiting Physician of Charity

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of ^sculapius, God of Medicine. Her name was mentioned, with

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recently announced, was born at Charmes-on-Moselle, the 1 4th day

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Loosen the harness and give plenty of fresh air. If

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ber, 1911, there was a serious haemoptysis, about three-quar-

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the possibility of a horse getting a foot over the halter

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occupying troops, V. I. Lvov, and published in 1879

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with the same suf cess. Only two cases perished ; one an infant,

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1. Dioradin injections are not a certain cure for all cases

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liquify the ice at the rate of 2400 feet an hour. It would^boil, per hour, 700,000

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physical signs. I showed him at another place a year ago,

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scribed a short and a long form of trench fever, the

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Tanner. — In San Diego. Cal.. on Saturday. December

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November, 1911, the operation of posterior division of the

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the body is thereby preserved, but because the stumps themselves

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organs was practically normal. The liver was enlarged,

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heavy, and they attempt to walk before the legs are

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ferred to Southern hospitals. It is believed that the

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The image produced by decomposing a white sunbeam, consists

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Only skin, fat, and fascia having been cut, the in-

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four to seventy-seven per cent, of positive reactions.

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