the needed reforms had been only half accomplished.
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in the woods there is a decided gain in the average health of women.
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occasionally required ; the granular effervescent citrate of magnesia is
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the complexion and it would seem as though no one could be induced
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a portion of the bread or potatoes allowed them and to substitute
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ject to inflammation. They may cause but slight disturbance, or the}'
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elements enter into the result. When the weary man of letters and
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salicyl compounds. A man may begin to take these compounds on
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mean that they occupied that place in life, although it generally does so.
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deviation of the fingers that is sometimes occasioned by chronic
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the lining membrane of the great vessels, with which it is structurally
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contents of the blood corpuscles are not too low, whereby the oxidiz-
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alarming conditions, during the night; and on rising in the morning
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it by no means follows that like results would follow its administra-
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tion of osteophytic outgrowths is decidedly less pronounced in Char-
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one of eleven, 132 pounds; one of sixteen, 312 pounds. I myself have
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cumbers, in brine or "vinegar, mixed pickles, sauerkraut, olives.
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the sphere of their labors than the large and educated body of
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by pressing the hand hard over the portion of the back where the
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Sloane, its transfer to the Board of Trustees as the
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of limbs, all need to be taken into account in arriving at a diagnosis. The
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being of course understood that they are subject to alteration as to
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ward the corresponding joint of the right middle finger became
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before the joint surfaces are injured, microscojiical examination of
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cautery lightly applied in the vicinity of the stiffened articulations.
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tion and growth. It is indirectly connected with the brain and
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joints. It is generallj' acknowledged to be undesirable to use such
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tion, as for diphtheria, and the clothing and bedding used by the
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articulations of the foot and hand. Rheumatism is less painful than
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rheumatism the pain is tearing or gnawing, while in neuralgia it is
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as the ear and the auditory canal. In man the muscles of the ear are
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the coronary artery and its branches and of the arteries of the brain
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of the fibres of the orbicular muscles of the eyes and mouth, or of
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their destructive action on the rheumatic poison. But this saving
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