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the emaciation now becomes noticeable, the weakness is more marked and
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In the year 1900, during the American occupation of Cuba, a commission
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rupture of some of these capillaries, and as a consequence a renal
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source is extra renal, but we will have to be guided largely
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Harvard Medical School, and graduated with the degree of
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pneumococcus infection, extensive suppuration is apt to occur. Wells states
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not anatomical and pathological, and it will remain
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Dissolve and add lOo c.c. of a five-per-cent. solution of
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that this was a definite disease. Bretonneau, who studied an epidemic in
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I?r. Rogers's "Nylic" table of heights and weights. Striking,
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there is no subsequent rise of any importance; in others the temperature may
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and infected water, and whether in the latter an actual increase can occur.
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and should be helpful where there is general oozing and perhaps also where
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malaise, anorexia, rapid emaciation, or various nervous symptoms, are not
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from a great many of our examiners a better line of moral -
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an operation. Sometimes the gangrene is localized to the pleura. The junior
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Unna ( 1882), and others, vith those of more recent workers, such as Steinhaus,
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repeated chills. The presence or absence of this symptom appears to depend
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chemical union into harmless and fairly stable compounds. The study of
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If therefore only ten to fifteen per cent, of all cases of
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does not seem to destroy it entirely, although it is affected slightly at 75° C.
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sarily contraindicate venesection in engorgement of the
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excretion, or the abstracting of any and all soluble substances
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may be abundant round-cell infiltration. Changes in the small arteries of
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opment of the normal vesicle, but is irritatmg and induces rubbing or scratch-
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above 10,000. Wilson found that the injection of antipneumococcic serum
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with picking at the bedclothes is common. Actual conMilsions have been
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These degenerative changes in the nervous system and in the skeletal
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observers, does not seem to be sufficiently appreciated by the profession at
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