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of somewhat sallow complexion, but usually in vigorous health ;

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consulting physician to the Sheltering Arms. Dr. Wiener has con-

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latter was so much useless drugging, while the other methods

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so broadened and deepened within the past decade as in the study of the

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muscles ensued, on stimulation of the nerve, and similar contrac-

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post-graduate course in Germany, but his preceptor, Dr.

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present state of the case. There must be nothing of haphazard

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and apparent prostration of the entire vital forces. The patient

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not those who cripple the body, or are chary with the larder, or

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entered the body, grows and multiplies there in a marvellous

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numerous instances offered by chemistry and physiology in

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cocaine, and the controversy over the International Medical

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nosis by the fact that functional murmurs are not very infrequent at the apex

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Society of the State of New York, the Pathological Society of New

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the Rush Medical College, and other appointments in a number of

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the imputation of being only a step removed from the beasts by

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City, and County Medical societies, the Surgical Society of New

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appointment he has continuously held since 1890, and has also been

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citable, so that comparatively slight external influences suffice to increase

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In 1S90, by appointment, he held the position as Sur-

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individuals who were previously feeble and pale without being actually ill.

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Drs. Gale and Eastman have taken a branch office at Neponset.

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it is infected (shrapnel bullets, shell fragments, deflected

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and, again, bile would be present. The patient complained of

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speak of very short distances from o to 100 metres, short

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away at once, even in one fortnight's time." This happened at

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University of Louisville, and received the degree of Doctor of Medi-

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Distension with Plaster of Paris" (N. Eng. Med. Monthly, 1891); "Infective

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W. P. Defriez, M.D., of Woburn ; " Physical Examinations, Local

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become necessary owing to gangrene or to nearly total

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another branch of learning. "Tenants of an Old Farm" is as

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an excellent sign. Contraction of the abdominal walls has

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wildest revelry. The " Constitutionel" of that date states that

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has given to his city valued public service, and as a specialist

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effusion showed itself, and three and one-half quarts of straw-col-

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known opinions here ; but, touching upon the suggestive words

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ciation of its needs. In this memorable letter of March 3,

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German literature. He takes much interest in the proceedings of