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ing certain medical specialty services to one physician or a

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propriety of the operation hinges, not on the number of cases in Which it

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WARNING: Because of the potential hazard of nephro-

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decker Longoria, Laredo; sons, Dennis Longoria, Laredo;

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authors estimated that perhaps 10% of all mild mental retar-

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■ American Academy of Pediatrics, Texas Chapter, Corpus Christi,

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1981. Bradford W. Claxton, 820 Davis St, Evanston, IL 60201

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reaches effective levels in urine, serum, and renal

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appraise the level of family competence. The major empha-

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most viral skin lesions (includes herpes simplex, vaccinia and

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impurities of the commercial DNA source. The use of syn-

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Other less frequent adverse reactions which may occur and are

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Scientific Program, Texas Rheumatism Association. 9am-5pm,

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ratio was also suggested by the finding that only two of 1 5

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preparation. 3 Salt substitutes are mostly potassium chloride

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TEXAS MEDICINE. 1801 North Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78701

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Nasal and sinus disorders in the elderly: which ones are life-

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vival; this showed surgery to be important only in the pa-

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jectives approved and endorsed by the committee on camps

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cKnate. It wonld be therefore quite needless to inquire if there be one par-

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bad become developed, or it might be considered as incipient inflammation,

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lo the bronchial muscular fibres to take on spasmodic action. This sus-

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Signs and symptoms of acute overdose may be due principally

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The physical conditions in cases in which the deposit of tubercia Is abnn*

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groups: ischemic and hemorrhagic (Fig 1). Ischemic disor-

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great irritation of the fauces ; and I have met with an instance in which it

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testinal hemorrhage, melena, gastritis, hepatitis, jaundice, abnormal liver function tests;

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5480 LaSierra Drive, Dallas, Texas 75231; 214 363-5535

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acute myocardial infarction in man with thallium 201 . Br Heart J 37:741 -744,

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ercise. Here, as in acute pleuritis, the embarrassment of breathing will

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members at $21.00 per column inch per month and list-

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under my observation several in which this plan has proved successful. It