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2, 4, and 6 (see below). Many large leukocytes with abundant cytoplasm occur; they

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little time will be lost between charging and injecting. This is the

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gives himself up to tears, and groans, and prayers in secret.

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portant motion, by the same gentleman, seconded by Dr Andrew

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naked nuclei, of globular form, about the 2500th of an inch in

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authorities confine its use to arterial hypertension in consequence of

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but should stop before the point of fatigue or the appearance of albu-

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ated sore throat, headache, and sleeplessness. In a few hours, after

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medical authorities." The object of this resolution is to secure

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(4.) A state approaching that of talipes equinus, with clawed

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found to be algoid cells of the palmelloid type producing several

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ence in the resistance of different strains of the colon bacillus than

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capsule is smooth, the inside irregular. This organism has one small bud. Other

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was always followed by the almost immediate development of

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effect of the difference in reaction of the subculture media, all the

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mal, gradually increasing in amount if kept for a short time at in-

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toms (giddiness, headache, deafness, somnolence, or the danger of an

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against that law, and the practice it enjoins. Ignorance is, without

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widely known, it is still more true that no man, since the world

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(c) Anemia Accompanying Tuberculosis. — In anaemia accompanying

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got a novel uterine relaxant of considerable power. I say probably,

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has never found it successful, even when the cough was of a paroxysmal

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diabetes or Bright's disease, the ordinary treatment for all severe cases

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tributing population of 250,000 (Winslow and Phelps, 1906). It

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in the various forms of paraplegia, he would merely remark that he

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of the Bengal and supreme Government. Under these circum-

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26. Hektoen. Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, 1907, 49, p. 1071.

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much of it as can be affected by the change in circumference of the

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is cut out, according to Mr Jordan's recommendation, it would seem

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cases which were devoid of conditions which might complicate