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theory, is produced by the rarefaction of the imprisoned air by heat, and by the
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OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE— 3800 sq. ft. office space available to any
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be followed by place of publication, name of publisher, and year.
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In some cases in which the lung expands to a certain point and becomes
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Herbert M. Seybold, MD, Michael M, Warren, MD, Division of Urological
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7. Hopkins A: Toxic neuropathies due to industrial agents, in Thomas D
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the differential diagnosis of the patient with early premature
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blood in health, and it is their accumulation in abnormal quantity which
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5.000 units, bacitracin zinc 400 units, neomycin sulfate
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ooe case should lead to the formation of quarts or even gallons of pus, and, in
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Hospital Association of Texas. His practice of medicine con-
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801 West Randol Mill Road, Arlington, Texas 76012; 817 261-8284
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rollment, 75 miles west- of San Antonio, city population of 14,500. Eight
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ulceration. When somatostatin and cimetidine were com-
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Limbitrol should not be taken during the nursing period Not recommended
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to five minutes. If, upon reinspection, areas of breakthrough
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tained to precede the development of inflammation. The latter is not the
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G-6-PD deficiency in patients taking quinine Quinamm should be stopped
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surate with qualifications and experience. Send CV with references to
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procedure effectively reduces gastric acidity, causes the
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Director of Services in Physician Placement Assistance, MEDI-SEARCH,
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He was a past president of the Society of Head and Neck
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tent, the function of respiration. They are not unfrequently deposited in
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poxyphene are similar to those of narcotic overdos-
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serum. If it should be learned that the woman is pregnant, the
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ty. Contact Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, Munday, Texas;
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Warnings: Peptic ulceration and gastrointestinal bleeding, sometimes severe, have
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pyaemia. The pulse is rapid and weak. The feebleness of the circnlation
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PHYSICIAN WANTED: 32 year old established solo GP, South Austin
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Registration fee: $60.00. (Please make payable to Kelsey-Seybold
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poisoDooa separately, but they combine and form prussic acid. Injected
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eosinophilic. These reactions are usually reversible on discontinu-
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Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology