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M D Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Houston Fee $300.
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Auditory Brain Stem Response in Clinical Practice. Neurosensory
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tion, UTHSC at Dallas, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235
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physical injury to the patient, to himself, or others, or if
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associates 19 in a study of 32 CVA strokes, found a significant
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of skeletally immature patients with scoliosis. It is used as a
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until inflammation subsides. Then maintain comfort with regular Anusol
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simultaneous ingestion of alcohol and other CNS de-
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or fee for services. Please send curriculum vitae to Ad-244, TEXAS
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much higher in patients who did not have shock pre-oper-
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plearodynia. The question is, which one of these three diseases is the
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In treating of individual diseases, some classification of them is essential.
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doses are much greater than recommended The drug should
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have normal reproductive capacity and thus have high risk
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sampling of 100 outpatients (64 male; 36 female) seen at a general psychiatric clinic.
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drug. Isolated reports of neutropenia, |aundice; periodic
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Block Grants funds Other committees studying block grants include Senate Human
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perceived needs of the patient, the patient’s family, and pro-
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toxic psychoses and convulsions Cases of liver dys-
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mation beyond the clinical examination is necessary.
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