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It is entitled " Is Cancer Curable?" and is written under the name of

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good health was only possible with a normal degree of stimu-

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There were no rigors : his urine was normal ; he was in a

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mination, in August, 1879, also failed to detect any physical signs. This

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wasting of the tissues, and loss of power; and which, on

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clearly be seen from letters and articles which have appeared in

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spect of recovery of the power of natural micturition. As

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of which was the ofiensive character of the stools, had come

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years. There was then no gas in the bag, and tlie valve was turned off.—

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abled to enrol his name as an honorary member of the Asso-

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Gaskell and Shore is not directed against the conclusions of

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ment of the extremes of heat reported from the arid regions of

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organ, with its blood vessels and nerves intact, is grafted

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House Surgeon to the London Temperance Hospital, Hampstead

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seems worthy of investigation whether the pancreas or an

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necessity contain bicarbonate of soda. A5 the " soda-water "

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; He gqes on to point out that a favourable mortality experi-

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disease germs. But the elimination of the factor of individual

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ducted, on account of exchange, £::o per mouth. During the five months

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water. Further, the boatmen were instructed not to dis-

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Tlie description of gonorrhoea and its complications is de-

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are quite sufficient entirely to dispose of the contention.

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There i^ in Piodoru^ Sicitf-i.^^^ an account of an episode in tlie operation

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the patient made a slow recovery, convalescence being re-

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This ease shows what rough and ready treatment Burmese

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Cousins, Southsea ; Mr. M. Carteighe, London ; Dr. W. Collier, Oxford ;

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ment which is the product of the disintegration of the colour-

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I found at the right upper chest crepitation in the first interspace, with

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