Coumadin Toxicity Lawsuit

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References: 1, Rickets K: Drug treatment of anxiety, in Psychopharmacology in the Practice of Medicine,
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2. Immunization status of 78 measles cases observed between January and 3 Measles vaccination assessment of 9,245 students, grades 6-12,
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8850 Long Point Road, P.O. Box 55008 Houston, Texas 77055; 713 468-0738
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panied perhaps by labor of breathing, marked dilatation of the alse nasi aM
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patients with marginal cardiac function, elevated blood pressure. Special Senses:
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motor vehicle or operating dangerous machinery (See Warnings )
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say period. Of 1 ,626 stools examined, 1 76 (1 0.8%) had evi-
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localized or disseminated neurodermatitis, • lichen simplex
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■ International College of Surgeons, Texas Division, Dallas, May 28
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reviewing and editing my submission, the author(s) undersigned
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Adverse Reactions: Cutaneous vasodilation with flushing. Headache is
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fected with DMD, although she may be a carrier. If the fetus
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California Gold Rush because he fell ill with scurvy.
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American College of International Physicians, Chicago, Aug 20-23,
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Fries JF, Ehrlich GE (eds): Prognosis: Contemporary Out-
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size, socioeconomic status of the population served, physi-
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Splenectomized patients who travel to areas of endemic
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Since his last operation approximately 14 months ago, this
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fever, and the ANA is positive in over 90%. 52 It occurs more in
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Medical Practice Act was a political football, a modus oper-
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C Specialists— Long Term Intensive Psychotherapy— Adolescents— Young Adults
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Cardiology, Gastroenterology. Hematology and Oncology
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concurrent anxiety and tension in patients with musculoskeletal disease*
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American Dietetic Association, Philadelphia, Sept 21-25, 1981
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striking illustration is afforded by the following facts : Of a family comprising