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RP, a 59-year-old white man, was admitted to the Veterans
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Amid all this controversy, I ask you to reflect on and re-examine
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is to be enjoined, wherever practicable, so soon as it is evident that other
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Diagnosis is aided by a high index of suspicion when
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lated from the lung biopsy specimen. The organism was sent
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We lease any make Car, or Recreational Vehicle, both import and domestic, hassle free, you tell us what you want (make
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eral Hospital, Houston. Contact Office of Continuing Education,
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3.5 mEq/liter is considered to be indicative of hypokalemia.
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but its occurrence is rare. The occurrence, in some cases, of an abundant
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Braverman IM : Skin Signs of Systemic Disease, ed. 2. Phila-
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history of upper gastrointestinal tract disease, only after consulting ADVERSE REAC-
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Thus, neuralgia is a genera] term applied to this condition affecting any nerve
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For additional information contact Mrs. J. F. Collins, 817 382-7480,
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directors, who and what criteria govern the selection of
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II. 0%; also contains the following inactive ingredients: dibasic calcium
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impaired renal or hepatic function Paradoxical reactions reported in
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posed cigarette smokers with and without lung cancer. Chest, in press, 1 980.
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a positive diagnosis in all cases, because the symptoms belonging to pleuritis
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MANAGEMENT SERVICE: Available authorized tax information and financial planning through American Medi-Group
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look into the Paperless Claims System. It also can be used to file Paperless
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ence has been made. The pain is sharp, lancinating or stitch-like, referred
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per se. However, the boards of pharmacy and medicine have
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*Diplomate American Board of Allergy <& Immunology
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severity of grand mal seizures may require increased
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Finally, in this division of anatomical changes may be included animal and
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It has been suggested that the presence of retained as-
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I The word opium is here used as a general term, inclading the alkaloids morphia
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er, J. C. Melcher, Sr, Port Lavaca; and five grandchildren.