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but it was also found before it was taken and also more than two weeks afterward.

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Arch, latino-am. de pediat., 1921, 2 a ser., 15, 125-8.


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as Uttle as 1 to 3 mg. as practically impossible. Folin and Denis'

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strychnine convulsions decrease the amount of ' lactacidogen ' in the white

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cent recovery sooner : others for the like reasons or some

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and accompanied by spasm of the glottis. Four types of hiccough are

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and auscultation, as so often they seem contradictory. We are much

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lead to other complications, such as dilatation of the heart, tachycardia,

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bronciiiul. I ventured the positive statement that i\r cliild did

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chronic pancreatitis or carcinoma of the head of the pancreas when the gall-

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the last two may be delayed for a few days. There is soft swelling above

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but normally active. Wasting of thigh and leg muscles on both sides,

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disease has previously made some progress, he administers a

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jaw ; blindness of one eye ; pain and suppuration in the ear.

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signs such as destruction of the cemental portions, surface necroses,

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the early part of the incubation stage. The commission appointed by the

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swelling above the pubis, with a distinct line of inflammation

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corroborate it. There was no record of positive evidence of consolidation.

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increase in the pulse frequency there is generally associated a

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to bring out all the points of interest. A pleural exudate was present in

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Baetjer, F. H., ulcer of stomach and tluodenum, 157, 175

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dences of hypermotility, and at the same time we do not see any

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was complete even after intratracheal insufflation of pneumococci of maximal

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tying the stomach, or acting as a diaphoretic, or giving a salu-

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joint is felt in Scarpa's triangle. The trochanter is raised and percussion

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in 1920, when rabies in domestic animals was unusually prevalent, man was

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abdominal operations, 31 per cent, occurred after supravaginal hysterectomy,

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conscious mind of the pathologist for the basis of his objection to the single

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sider it secondary hypertensive cardiovascular disease. Where it

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pressure H)5 systolic, 110 diastolic, pulse-rate 80, regular. Normal reflexes, no edema,

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and mouth are the parts of the body most frequently involved in

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Oct. 1st. Much better. Dropsy almost gone; urine two

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amounts of urobilin were present in the urine. One of these, a

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