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Yet all through these years the schism, the separation be-

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may not correlate well in a given patient or in a given disease.

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Dyazide . but should it develop, corrective measures should

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OB/GYN PHYSICIAN WANTED— 1 1-man clinic associated with JCAH

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Investment performance for TMA Members’ Retirement Plan and Trust

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Day not be sufficient to infect the blood, and it is eliminated or destroyed

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riers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Biophysica Chemica Acta

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9. Peterson GH, Miller RE: The barium enema: a reassessment looking

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mg sulfamethoxazole, bottles of 100; Tel-E-Dose® packages of 100; Prescription Paks

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be gravity-driven, would lessen flood problems along the Mis-

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Calcium excretion is decreased by thiazides Dyazide'

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was not significantly different in the two patient groups. The

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pate in activities contributing to an improved community.

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leads to a sudden and copious purulent expectoration, if the life of the

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sion and dyspnoea attendant on the early stage of acute inflammation of any

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■ Texas Neurological Society, Dallas, May 29, 1981 Mrs Dale

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saving. The indication for granulocyte transfusions is a

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Levin BS: Women and Medicine. London, The Scarecrow

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neutropenia, jaundice; periodic blood counts and liver

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lesions on the legs progressed to pustules and similar le-

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about privacy of the patient and the threatened open access

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months after. Persistent infection may require treatment for sev-

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Boria, ibe presence of albamen in the urine, with diminished density, renders

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34. Clark KGA: Haemolysis and agranulocytosis complicating treatment

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together complementing each other's interests, education,

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after the MLHCP had obtained the basic history and physical

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Hypertrophy of one of the kidneys ensues when the function of the other

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37.6 C, but the remainder of the history and physical was

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Terms negotiable. Please reply to PGY, P.O. Box 79496, Memorial Park

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long, the inflammation is general, that is, it extends over the greater part or

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the inspiration is shortened, and the expiration prolonged. As chronic

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Motrin can inhibit platelet aggregation and prolong bleeding time. Use with caution in

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weight — because you can be none of those things and be a

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rural population 3,000. Equi-distance Wichita Falls-Abilene. Doctor re-