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3. Stokes J III, Andreoli KG, Stead EA Jr, et al: Physician’s assistants. Am
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cal records can be valuable in defending the treatment ren-
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disorders is underestimated in such cases unless the physi-
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the body systems, as well as counseling and social-emo-
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NEEDED: EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS, North Central Texas area, full
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II. He was graduated from Austin College in 1925 and Van-
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openings available in estaolished ACEP oriented group. Positions in
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sometimes secures exemption from this affection. A change of apartments
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vision, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, epigastric distress, hyperir-
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The subjects of General Pathology, viz., the morbid conditions common to
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Guidelines for Graded Exercise Testing and Exercise Pre-
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Through "American 'Medi-Lease' Plan", we provide the following:
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additional compensation $3,000 for board certification and, if granted,
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use of haloperidol. This provides complete or good relief of
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LOCUM TENENS WANTED for solo, private, general practice in Ballin-
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planned in next two years. Write or call Robert H. Bailey, Medical
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in new ciinic building. Howard L. Mott, Malone and Hogan Clinic,
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monitis, there is a solid deposit within the air-cells, and the presence of this
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“site" and the “recreational program." Attention to these
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related to medicine and health care. The resources of the
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showed the extent of necrosis to involve the dorsum of the
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reached after studying 18 drug-dependent physicians, that
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taken. Whether it be abstracted by means of caps, leeches, or the lancet,
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following discontinuation of either component alone have been reported
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once again bogged down as behind-the-scenes negotiations
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Each gram contains: Aerosporin® (Polymyxin B Sulfate)
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multidisciplinary educational conferences; (4) patient care