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inflammation. Histologic changes are observed only in the mucous and

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Pathology. — The morbid lesions of the acute variety do not differ

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Etiology. — Gangrene of the lungs is caused by the bacteria of putre-

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tion, though it now presents many baffling features. The earnest,

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also causes regurgitant and obstructive deformities at the mitral orifice,

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upon percussion, except over the large intestines, where there may be

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While it is yet too early to definitely announce fares, as negotiations

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well as in microscopic appearances, though it is in reality to be ranked

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may extend across the sternum to the left hypochondriac region. If the

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cussed under this head in the section on Nervous Diseases. The syph-

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and strong, and attended to business ; the pigmentation, however, was

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deeper until spontaneous amputation has occurred. Rarely the other

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2. From bIood-vei>seIs : to this group belong aneurysms, tubercles,

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Physical Signs. — Inspection sometimes reveals a feeble venous pulse

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a case of acute poisoning. The toxic material acts both poAverfully and

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spots of anesthesia are commonly met Avith. Drs. Bastian and Russell

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dulness are due to the fluid, it is obvious that the upper level of the

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ALD., LL.D., Professor of Surgery, Harvard iSIedical School. Hand-

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pain is a prominent symptom throughout the entire course of the affec-

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tric carcinoma is altogether symptomatic, no remedy with any power

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American Text=Book of Gynecology." By J. W. Long, M.D.,

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Physical Signs. — These are, for the greater part, identical with those

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Symptoms. — Autopsies frequently discover an unsuspected adhesive

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usually being sufficient. To combat such an impression and to give

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