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helped through your clinical counseling and prudent prescriptions for me.

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to benefit from the medication choice you’ve made. Recall how often

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diseases are never chronic. This term, for instance, is not applicable to

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respiration as takes place in severe cases of capillary bronchitis. The crepi-

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ject to “Sunset Review." Legislation was enacted reconstituting the State

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of the American Association of Blood Banks. 3 Once pre-

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companies. Tex Med 87 : 69 — 71 , March 1980: see also Hutchins vs Texas Re-

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tbe ventricular walls, sending prolongations into the pulmonary artery and

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other words, the events which make up their clinical history are so definite

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infrequently, “satellite” nodules are present. On contrast

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and an invigorating regimen, are the most efficient measures for recovery.

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7703 Floyd Curl Dr, San Antonio, TX 78284 51 2/691 -7291 .

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PHYSICIANS WANTED — Progressive hospital in East Texas. Contact

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CONTRAINDICATIONS Hypersensitivity to antihistamines or sympathomimetics Ru-Tuss

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Stephen Elliott, MT Earl G. Long, PhD Allan L. Truant,

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is 6 eases ; from forty to fifty in 3, and from fifty to sixty in 4 cases. ' « ^^V

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or less rapidly, belongs to the history of this condition, ending fatally sooner

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College of Medicine, Houston. Fee $150. 24 week course, excluding

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Anatomical Characters — Clinical History — Pathological Character — Causation —

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and osteopathy, a graduate of both of those schools, we

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carriers (those who have produced two or more affected

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cal teaching and practices. Usually, operative injury to the

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Utter, then, denotes not properly a continaance of the disease, hat a relapse.

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This month’s Texas Medicine highlights the major features

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greater, and they sink more rapidly. And if the red globules are much re-

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Shapiro 4 reported summary data on 34 patients with Gilles

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some optometrists to permit them to more effectively screen j

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bullae appeared on both legs in the first eight to 1 2 hours.

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come to be understood, and has heretofore been known by various titles,

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of the two most important organic constituents of the liquor sanguinis, viz.,

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lor the practicing physicians and staff. Call Ted Lawson collect at 512

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pected responsibility on Texas physicians. Under rules and