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$45, nonmembers. Category 1 , AMA Physician's Recognition
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Fig 4 in relation to representative clinical patients. Prolonged
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Convention Center. Fee none. Category 1 , AMA Physician's Recog-
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1 Caskey CT, Nussbaum RL, Cohen LC, et al: Sporadic occurrence of
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terion for the perfect anesthetic to avert toxic side effects.
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term therapy with sulfonamides has produced thyroid malignancies.
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decisive, if present, but its absence is not proof that this disease does not
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phlegmasia dolens. Coagulation in the cerebral sinuses is supposed to be a
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failure and its radiographic detection. Amer J Roentgenol 126:1 039- 1 045,
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considered an endorsement or approval by the Texas Medical
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