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Surviving family members include his wife, Clyde Kersey

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3. Tex Civ Stat Ann, art 4518, sec 5 (Vernon Supp 1980-1981).

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two and seven years. The disease, however, may occur at any period from

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more, with recent advances in both diagnostic and therapeu-

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dures presently in vogue may be more deleterious than the

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interfere with the absorption of cimetidine, indicating that ant-

probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin

polysaccharide immunization of patients with sickle-cell anemia and patients

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blood may be increased by diminution of the latter. This obtains, in a

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Chronic studies in rats and monkeys have shown mild renal toxicity characterized by

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6969 Brompton (at Holcombe), Houston, Texas 77025; 713 661-1444

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Medicine, Houston. Fee TBA. Category 1 , AMA Physician’s Recog-

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gains for it down the line. One of the things jogging has done

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disciplinary action. These two grounds were added to make

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The court in Dinnerstein rejected the medical commentators’

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model, color and equipment) and we'll find and deliver it to you, at your office or ours, or to your residence at your request.

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Spicker SF, Healey JM Jr, Engelhardt HT Jr (eds): The Law-

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thony Hardy, Sherman; son, John Anthony Hardy, Irving;

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pQ«hing downward the organs sitnated beneath it These changes denote

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External Beam Dosimetry — Principles and Calibrations. M.D Ander-

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iacinded onder the head of false croup, an exudation within the pharynx was

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cinoma and struma ovarii, and thyrotropin overproduction by

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place, may l)e suspected, but the symptoms and sig^s only show the existence

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2. Zetzman MR, Stefanu C: Selecting a community for medical practice: a

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them to the varied circumstances pertaining to individual cases of disease.

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CertAin diseases exert an influence, on the one hand, to promote, and, on

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1. Brass C, Galgiani JN, Campbell SC, et al. Therapy of disseminated or

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of diietae; howeTer, in consequence of the action of cold on the surface, i&

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ing child in 85% to 90% of cases. In about 5% of cases, the

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he restrained, the apartment should be kept cool, the head and shoulders

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asthma, and the lattef affection may never occnr save when produced by this

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mm Hg or less. If the blood pressure reduction is greater than

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and hand of Gemini-Titan IV, V and VII astronauts during orbital flights. Am J

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Each contagious or infectious disease has its own peculiai' and specific

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-A p~j— , °\ LI B RAfLY X I — T — | X, id >X? X 4 — X, ^ ^ RARJV

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Limited to Diseases and Surgery of the Retina and Vitreous

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community centers. Outstanding faculty and programs. Stipends ranqe

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the reporting and control of these diseases Full committee will study

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depression syndrome. Psychosomatics / 7.438-441 , 1970. 4. The Task Force on Late Neurological Effects

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may jrenerally be found, on careful examination. The enlargement of volume

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promptly as possible after exposure. If initiation of

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were reported for the 15-24 year age group. 5 It is not difficult

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TFyTc? JS n ^TM? ar , t ?n e , rS t 1 T lp ,! n , 15 m ° nths - Send resume to Ad-993,

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monary disease and family practice. For information please call

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pointless, even cruel, prolongation of the act of dying. 7

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next stop— a walk through their old Fachwerk house. (In this

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distance of Dallas. Many carpool, others live in or around Terrell,

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simplex virus. Pediatricians may wish to include Group B

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quire about previous hypersensitivity reactions to penicillins,

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are due to prior alterations in the blood. In many instances, as will be hereafter


excellent with the laparoscope, this interstitial pregnancy did