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1301 West 38th Street, Suite 608. Austin, Texas; 454-7659

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Rose Boss, Nutley, NJ, and Naomi Oshrin, Los Angeles,

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Temple. Category 1, AMA Physician’s Recognition Award, 1 hour

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half-life, patients with various degrees of renal impairment may

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5959 Harry Hines Blvd., St. Paul Professional Bldg. Suite 620,

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billing system available. Call Dr. Gregg now, 214 442-5449 (collect).

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ders. St Anthony Hotel, San Antonio. Fee $275. AAFP, Elective; 16

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ENT needed in Dallas. Group and solo opportunities with good cover-

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Appropriate literature should be consulted for further

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base. Will consider all options. Contact L. L. Barton, The Gatesville

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CARDIOLOGIST. Must be fellowship trained. Opportunity to associate

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halothane (Fluothane) was synthesized in 1956 by Suckling

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The invasion is sudden, and often without premonition. In a certain pro-

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Movement Disorders Update for Psychiatrists. UT Health Science

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Texas city. Excellent hospital and office facilities with clinical labora-

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Other means to diminish the excess of red globules are, a reduced diet as

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alterations in the maternal internal environment. Morphologi-

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obtained the chief complaint and history of present illness.

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Descriptive brochure, opportunity to monitor system and performance

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