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Can the coagula formed in the cavities of the heart under the circum-

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Increase in plasma fibrinogen level and fibrinolytic activity

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Dallas, and Ann Tatton, Refugio, Tex; brothers, C. Stephen

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SKIN AND SKIN STRUCTURES (integumentary) infections caused

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the close contacts of cases. Usually this disease is self-limit-

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ment Administration (DEA) and Texas Controlled Substance

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verely inhibit use of the first method. Therefore, the second

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tococcal infections, at least 10 days' treatment is recommended to

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fluid ounces of water or fruit juice, two to four times a day

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GENERAL/FAMILY PRACTICE physicians needed in Uvalde, Texas.

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If you can answer “yes” to any one of the ques-

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headings are limited to those specialties designated by

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The following report concerns siblings who have Gilles de

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3. Kitchin JD, Wein RM, Nunley WC, et al: Ectopic pregnancy: current clini-

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other situations, giving rise, in certain cases, to the form of peritonitis called

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We examined the case records of 77 physicians who had

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disease: fourteen fatal cases from the 1977 outbreak in Vermont. Arch Pathol

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stitution of assisted or controlled ventilation The

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suffered from high blood pressure which was difficult to con-

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14. Krieger G: Suicide amongst psychiatrists. Unpublished paper. Depart-

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recently occurred in Vermont . 23 Infection has also been

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