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with kyphoscoliosis Koeppen made a diagnosis of osteomalacia. The
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skin over the tumor is sometimes not altered in color, but in severe cases
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extend to the hip or the shoulder. One or two toes may be affected for
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the s;ilt ilvili' iv iiiiili'iui.iiii; any alteiatinii in euiiiliietiii'i' power jis a eon
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lated patch at the root of the neck on the left side, 6x5 cm. in extent, sharply
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i;vi|.ioii concentration i sec p.iyc 414 1. Theiv can he little doiilit that
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i>i the jmlsc (l(i(>s nut icafli tin' t'orcarni until all tlic ncsscIs liavc lii'cnni"
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of suppuration with smell, the external dressing was
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lieved by the introduction of a gum elastic catheter
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raeji iiieiciMi-iit <>\ ( ( » Liixeii o(T from the hlood, or of ()^ ahsorhed li\
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are due for the most part to the imion of the fragments in bad positions,
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TreatDMnt. — The most important part of sporadic cretinism is the specific
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l„. US...1 oulv in a ueneral s.m.s... IL.w.ver |>r.Mlu 1, th.. sympt.nus .-I
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Takiliy these laits |n._'elhei' with what we alicad.v know coiiceriiiui;
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adhesions. Sometimes the surface is slightly nodular owing to the protrusion
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neuralfiie pains- the "lionds" and "screws" so well known to caisson
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disease ilijclf, that so much attention has been devoted to its investiga-
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know th,-,f ;,n^ Inisiness l,.-,l;il,ee sheet shov, in.j- .-m exe.'ss ,,f expendr
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cases the pyelitis met with in descending infections either arises simultane-
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,;m< occnniiiK lici'inf till' iruTiilic arc callcil i>riiliinilt<\ or il' tlicy
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mittent or breaks off into that form ? 1 shall take
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of this infant weighed 0.28 gram, or twice the normal weight for an mfant
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gave it the name "chondrodystrophia fetalis." He pictured the process as
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blood last drawn is cupped and firm; carotids beat-
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Till' dilatation of the veins and other thin nailed stiuctures in the tlio-
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6. "Alkalinuria" is due ** first to a diet which raises the alkalinity of the
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swallowing may be so severe as to require artificial feeding. The tempera-
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s.mph.st fatty a.-i.ls nain.ly. a....ti... It has the fornnila (MfCOOJI
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ing sensory changes and sometimes local sweating. Complaint of numbness
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lii'injr tlip ciMiililn-iiini (•(instant and ii the avi'ni;;(' iiuihIht of nioKrulcs
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puerperal women, and is obviously more likely to occur in urogenous infec-