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phosphate, or carbonate of soda, with glycerine and carbolic acid or thvmol,
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Symptoms. — The symptoms of this form of bronchitis vary with the con-
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and tlie intercostal spaces are depressed and wider than above. If the eni-
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would be but slight. The amount of damage inflicted by an object is
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foration. On palpation during a spasm, the intestine at points may be
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Here we also find spiculse of bone at the apex in some cases.
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tralgia. Malarial gastralgia is accompanied by other forms of malarial
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cular tendency may induce a similar condition. Patients in whom all
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Diagram showing Physical Signs in Pleurisy with EfEusion ; pleural cavity filled with fluid.
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ties. The mucous membrane of the stomach and rectum is oftenest the
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Fourth. — Cold is a powerful agent in arresting malarial generation. If,
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seen mingled with debris and phosphatic incrustations on the surface of
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3. The presence of atheroma of the superficial vessels.
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may burrow into the viscera and cause death b}^ rupture, or meningitis
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myelitis, while it is exaggerated in spinal meningitis.
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cient germicide within the body was a free flow of fresh blood; this is
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muscles of the neck rigid; the inferior costal and abdominal respiration is
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"protective thrombosis" prevents this accident. Hemorrhages, the result
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mination of the typhoid process is the separation of the dead tissue as a
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which can be adjusted as required and can be removed for the purpose
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I now come to the treatment of the accidents of the disease.
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the exudation is on the surface of the mucous membrane ; in diphtheria it
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although some prefer bismuth combined with iron and quinine.
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buried in the palm. The mouth is sometimes covered with bloody froth
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