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The risk of local recurrence is often related to the inci-
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called after Simon, ht/i erinosis. This condition characterises acute inflam-
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■omber of parts. As regards their effects on the blood, some are merely
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interested in shared radiological coverage. The radiology practice con-
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INTERNIST-CARDIOLOGIST — 32, university trained, skilled in non-
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which has topical anesthetic properties Pramoxine is not chem-
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Many patients, on the other hand, present with excess
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Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (NIH Publica-
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constitutional tendencies acquired elsewhere, and the circumstances connected
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ogy. Will consider all areas in Texas. Contact Ad-208, TEXAS MEDI-
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evidence of poor perfusion in the distribution of a single coro-
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depressants may potentiate its action. Usual precautions
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1111 West 34th Street, Suite 207, Austin, Texas 78705; 459-3258
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duce a hemolytic episode, because oxidative agents may
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and handles a larger wholesale market than any other south-
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months patients receiving dimethyl sulfoxide should have a biochemical screening,
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FAMILY PRACTICE OPPORTUNITY on South Texas Gulf Coast. Group
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simply pays attention. He understands how the issues are
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toxic psychoses and convulsions Cases of liver dys-
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1 935, Dr Speed served as a member of the board of directors
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notifying the editors of a member's death, please give the name and