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the two symptom-complexes are very similar in many respects, and are

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without some contradiction, and we are met at the outset with the statement

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The subsequent course to recovery was uneventful, and the patient


quarter of an inch, soft and easily torn with the finger. Its


gall-bladder in the case of carriers is also complicated by the fact that


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readers, we shall make some general remarks upon the past

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scopic characteristics on which our determinations rest. In prepara-

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John found that if the glucose in concentrations of from 1 to 5 per

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given with practically no effect on the fluid. The patient was so much

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The effect so certainly follows the cause, that scarcely an indi-

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ing typhoid. Post himself developed an abscess over the fifth right costo-

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Fetroselli, F. Un nuovo caso di enfisema mediastinico e sottocutaneo post-

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This is a study of the action of dead typhoid bacilli on diphtheria

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The occurrence of paroxysmal expectoration in large amounts,

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particularly their amplification by Dale^ have shown quite definitely

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of water, total solids, sugar, chlorides, and urea and urobilin. The

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scopic appearances of the muscle both in longitudinal and transverse section ;

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pocrates particularly notices the latter symptom. " Quum tu>

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pable. The patient looked anemic. The sternum was markedly tender.

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his conduct. The emotions and excitements of this autistic life

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tance are the bronchial glands, of which 27.2 per cent, were diseased,

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If, now, inquiry is made as to the practical outcome of the use

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was admitted to the City Hospital, July 20, 1912, complaining of weakness

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Hedinger, E. Struma medullaris cystica suprarenalis. (Beitrag zur Lehre der

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inspiratory or the expiratory hypothesis. In the former, according

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Past History. Presents nothing of importance except that wine is taken

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Levaditi, C, Marie, A., et, S. Virulence pour l'homme de la

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authors were not able to make out any difference between maternal and

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during the period October to March than during the remainder of the year.

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in which the entire new growth is included must be homogeneous ; (3) for

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is probably due to the inconvenience created by a full respiration and

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said on this subject be correct to the extent imagined by the

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Beriicksichtigung der Grippe. [The importance of the red marrow of the

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putably authenticated account of the organic pathological

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sents a painful epigastric area. The gastric secretion shows a total acidity

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may so weaken the patient as to lay him open to other compli-

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While the authors have made no systematic attempt to find

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Tokday, T. v. Masern-Schutzimpfungen mit Kekonvaleszentenserum. Ztschr.

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the strength had amended and the appetite had begun to re-

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rate in 78 per cent, to below 90. In 52 patients in whom a number of

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symptomatic and chronic intermittent treatment as regards the results.

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this latter a wire thread is fixed and held in the operator's hand ; to the other

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a proper attention to diet have been enforced, I believe their

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further attacks, though not so rapidly as neosalvarsan.