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feeble subject may faint, or pass into convulsions, which are epileptiform

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titics of acid or bilious fluid. The vomiting is i)rojt'ctile in churactcr, and

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ened bronchi become constricted, and as a result of this constriction bron-

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tality from phthisis of from forty to fifty per cent., while that among the

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It often complicates acute and chronic infectious diseases. In the en-

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taste in the mouth. In profuse hemorrhage tlie rapid flow of blood into

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nerve; by manipulation this pressure may be removed. In the treat-

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consult the physician with the idea that he has diahetes, but the urinary

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life. After it is possible to recognize the existence of cancer of the intestine

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ing the physical examination it should be exposed as little as possible.

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jaundice, stupor, and collapse are rapidly developed, and the patient passes

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sible to more accurately determine the exact condition of the patient.

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down than normal and more toward the median line ; if the ri<^ht sidu of

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the most nutritious diet and absolute rest. Ammonia and the diffusible

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tion of mercury in small /loses has the power to arrest or prevent connec-

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bonate should be mixed in a half-cup of water, and may be all drunk at

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unless it is possible to maintain a low range of temperature after four or

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Oontainlng De«cciptionB and Hiatorlea of the Principal FnngLboth Edible and

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ticasmia there are early in the disease recurring chills followed by profuse

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It is distinguished from suppurative /lepJiritishj the jDresence of a tumor,

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two testimonials of good character, after which they will receive notice when they

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tiie greatest power in promoting the absorption of an effusion is the syrup

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examination will show the raucous membrane of the larynx to be of a

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estimated. Cod-liver oil is indicated in this stage. After the stage of

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ary " and complicated pneumonia the dyspnoea is greater than in primary

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about two months after inoculation. They may be so slight as to be