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Divide into 5 bottles of 8 ounces each. When the evening

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obliterates the cavity in by far the greater part. The vacuum in the bot-

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tain climate, while his disease is active, he will die.

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importance of physical examination, it may come as strange

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still widely popular, has meanwhile been mainly or entirely discarded

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patient's condition by this time has been reduced to a point where the chance

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occurring where the practitioner has no assistance the tampon may be easily,

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is given or a similar story is elicited. A patient formerly strong

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tions. Whether you care to act upon the same or not, of course, is

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Douglas's pouch through an incision extending from the tuber ischii to the

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Dr. Lacoarret, of Silies-de-BSarn, has written an interesting article on

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to leave before it was prudent to do so, and the fifth, a very obstinate

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LowENSTEiij accepted the possibility of its transmission from person to

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passing notice. This is not a judicious position for one to take who

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action of the remedy w^as liable to be confounded with that of the disease

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23rd) the temperature fell by crisis to normal, and coincidentally the signs of

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present Insurance Act who can say that any service based upon

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joint than a weak and limber one. It would be rare to find a case which

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menstruated. She was fully developed. On opening her up I found I

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where it produced fibrous degeneration, and thence extended to the right

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coma, and temperature of 104° F. The presentation was a breech. Forty-

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tissue of the pelvis, the other of retro-uterine hsematocele, are cited, in

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bacilli present may escape microscopic detection. Consequently the failure

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phasize the paucity of material from which to educe a satisfactory theory.

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contained food eaten some days before. His chief complaint on

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derful revelations obtained by the experiences of operative surgery."

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phthisis in children — that each form is essentially an inflammatory pro-

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There is no evidence that Compulsory Health Insurance has

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The mother was subsequently transferred to a surgical ward, where a radical

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Operation, December 14, 1896. Median incision; peritoneum

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lower base of the lung. I don't think he can be killed — two abscesses of

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their communications are considered to be bound in honor to a strict observance of this

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The true aim and ultimate purpose of our profession are em-

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tained a large quantity of pus and fecal matter. Irrigation, with

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eruption. In ordinary cases four grains, twice or three times daily, is a

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among us, many of whom have been active in the work of our

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monia nitrogen and the creatinine are the most easily excreted

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ide ; the carbolic acid disappearing by reason of its volatility. Above this

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