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cellular tissue may be regarde'd as constituting the second stage of the disease, or

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•At the coroner's inquest, this witness deposed that the deceased lahomed under diar-

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in temperate ranges of atmospheric heat," it were no easy matter to deter-

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be amused, but if wise, instead of being offended, he will listen and

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chronic bronchitis, but in some the evidence of chronic passive

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her loins. Half asleep, she put her hand down to scratch herself: but,

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by any evident symptom. The existence of tubercles in any given

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6. In a family showing the occurrence of carcinoma in several

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distended and tympanitic. Spleen and .liver both palpable.

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estimated number of 77 does by no means cover the number of

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on that of southern latitudes, it follows that they arise from causes of a nature

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160 up. Chart II shows the entire number of 458 patients thus

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treatment of abdoniinal, direct inguinal, and femoral hernia, have

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the pain, diminish the inflammation and innervation, and prevent any injurious

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the monkey have failed. Theobald Smith, Flexner, and others

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The British and Foreign Medical Review, or Quarterly Journal of Practical Medi-

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Dr. Thomas McCrae: I wish to ask Major Russell three questions:

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nica vaginalis testis, and of the umbilicus in infancy, tend to strength-

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from Holland. Dr. Boott regards this fever as substantially the

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first; this then dropped somewhat lower, and a transfusion was done and

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cient clothing, they may be kept confined, and deprived of free air, light, and ex-

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Society, appointed December 9,7th, 1835, to investigate the Cha-