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dosage adjustment, but also occasionally observed at lower dosage

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gested.' 3920 There is poor correlation between esophageal

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20 mEq per day while therapeutic doses range from 30 mEq

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For additional product information, see your Upjohn representative or consult the

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Intermediate and Advanced Hypnotherapy. Marriott Hotel, Astro-

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appreciable effects beyond a reduction of the frequency of the heart's action.

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authorized. The trial judge ruled that the operation should

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Academy of Sciences — national Research Council and/or other

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the other hand, therapeutical measures may be employed wiih reference to

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Quilligan EJ, Kretchmer N (eds): Fetal and Maternal Medi-

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Refinements in the Management of Hypertension. UT Health Sci-

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skin and subcutaneous tissues. The area excised measured

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tion. The objects are to obviate a tendency to death by asthenia, and to

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Finally, the Senate passed our bill unanimously (28-0).

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tive of cancer, and that they are present in, at least, a large majority of

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partment of Continuing Medical Education, St Paul Hospital, 5909

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energy and excitement. Sensibility and muscular irritability are augmented.

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treatment. Antivenin neutralization of venom with prevention

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Ann Porter began her training program at half a mile.

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of these returned to normal without discontinuation of the

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country. Please submit resume including at least three references to-

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4. Konturek SJ, Obtulowicz W, Kwiecien N, et al: Effect of ranitidine, a new

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study had either the complete syndrome or a partial man-

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tablet and 500 mg ampicillin capsule. Data on file, Wyeth Laboratories.

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turbed, and there is apt to be a craving for indigestible, innutritive substances,

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raged by the failure of orthodox medicine, and cast about for