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will be a requirement for chloride ions. TWIN-K-CI is recom-
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vision, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, epigastric distress, hyperir-
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the field of cardiac pacing who are experienced and well pre-
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Baylor Medical Plaza, Barnett Tower, 3600 Gaston Avenue,
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some instances resulting in fatality Because ol this, there is concern that widespread use of the
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some attention should be directed towards dietary therapy. I
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eral government, although a small amount does come from
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occur, especially in elderly and debilitated; avoid-
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treatment of depressive illness. Psychopharmacology 61 217 -225, 1979
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CHILD PSYCHIATRY RESIDENCY may be taken before or after Adult
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aothor will be to give a trnthfal representation of pathological knowledge as
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Contraindicated: Known hypersensitivity to the drug
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mtty continue for months and even years without eventuating in the forma-
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gory 1 , AMA Physician's Recognition Award. Contact Sue Moreno,
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of LaGrange, to guide the Medical Practice Act through the
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also was taken up later during the Special Session.
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severe ulcerative colitis; toxic megacolon complicating ulcerative
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cation, renal failure may be defined as an increase in blood
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Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas is at home
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1 . Offer D, Sabshin M, Marcus D: Clinical evaluation of normal adoles-
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assessed by systematic clinical studies. The physician
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With this complication, the circulation is more disturbed, there is more
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prevalence of influenza other diseases are uuusually severe, and the rate of
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CONTRAINDICATIONS: Equagesic should not be given to
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But it’s not surprising, because API is the only company
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textiles, milling, etc) — spinner, weaver, bag opener, cutter of dried products,
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to these diversities, as well as to the different exudation^, the view taken by
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3. Selikoff IJ, Lee DH: Asbestos and Disease. New York, Academic Press,
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by or interest “outside" medicine, let us hear from you. In
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though anaphylaxis is more frequent following parenteral