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deaths from all cases in that institution in his time, has fallen off in

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and would again be enforced at Newcastle during a(!<mtinental

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malady. These meals should be varied from day to day, as, unlike other

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therefore, may follow too rapid withdrawal of chronic effusions, as I

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deserves to be reckoned as a restorative agent in such diseases. Thus,

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other facts about the infection which were of special interest, the first

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the bladder, or whether from the ureter, and for this purpose the cysto-

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mercury. The swelling of the eyelids requires that these procedures

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sjrphilitic parents, and that it is the same disease is proved by the

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on movement of the part, so that we are littie guided by the symp-

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nephritis without being aware of the serious nature of their disorder,

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appearing and disappearing much more rapidly than do rheumatic

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The mechanism of an asthmatic attack should be clearly imder-

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cold is to contract the arteries of a part, and thus deprive that par-

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artificial uric acid, and also on uric acid calculi. His ex-

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In the stomach as in no other organ lined by mucous membrane

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ing muscular stiffness. In a few instances the joints — especially the

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arily arise from too prolonged standing, just as hernia may first occur

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and it was maintained at the Council that by allowing the

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on movement of the part, so that we are littie guided by the symp-

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iBTit, by Drs. T. and T. C, Fox, and in that for 1880 by Dr. Sangster.— Ed.]

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sulphur present in the London gas, where the average daily

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there is ample provision for the inmates to wash ; the bunks,

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reported nine cases, and have collected eighteen other

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prostate, is of itself a constant source of infection by micro-organisms,

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Much the commonest form is what is called the bubonic^ pi<^gtiey

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of the influence of the separate element or groups of elements

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the patients passing into a state of dementia, the latter being caused

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in a child of only ten years and a typical hysteric emotion in a woman of

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The occurrence of pericarditis in rheumatic fever is variously rated

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are somewhat discordant. Many ascribe the symptoms to be alto-

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of mental disorder have existed for upwards of three months,

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not to inhibition of the constriction exercised vid the third

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Patella, tyi ing the for fracture, 172 ; operations

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anticipate complete success in every other department and I