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tity of blood sent to the brain and medulla spinalis — to its lessening the forcible

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As this was according to Lord Wynford, an "infamous case," the mother


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breathing, that this obstruction can be hacked out in a,i

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was decidedly greater on one side than on the other. Dr. Chambers, in his

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Foreign Body in the Eye. — A bit of cotton wrapped

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was done, after a large iridectomy, by iris forceps. At the moment

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cold or temperate regions, are subject to fevers of a violent and often malig-

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external are sometimes superficial, sometimes deep-seated.

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Joseph Pancoast, M. D., Professor of General, Descriptive and Surgical

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continue for ten weeks, and vanish in a few days after the proper indica-

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thus accumulating in the centre, takes on the globular form. But at

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inorganic matter. The highest energy in nature is really the most

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useless organs in our midst just to make us trouble?

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rate, a disgraceful number of marriages are nothing but

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could not fiskil to suggest itself, particularly as it was observed that

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fresh attacks, although they may confine themselves to the house to avoid

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d^Athenes^ M^decin de S. M. le Boi des Heleenes^ etc.

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ingly few. And I am pleased to have the pleasure of confessing

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repertory of facts and observations conveved in a lucid and

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(3) Its removal occasions more bleeding, and (4) the hollow

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practice, military priority 4, with two years mili-

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his report, some interesting tables. He states first, all the hospital cases and

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ance of exciting strains of all kinds. Unfortunately, many

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grammatical inaccuracies into it. Moreover, the peculiar use of

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sults. He relates four cases, in three of which the bromide was

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in living organic matter from spores. Species, C. Syphilitica, (Salis-

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ing with talcum or zinc stearate powder. One failure

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tion was so distinct that it could be seen at the distance of some feet from the

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falling in a sort of mist, and this phenomenon is much more

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ances of granular degeneration do often follow on inflammatory

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a patient. The patient takes the medicine, along with

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nerves of the lungs, which is calculated to supersede the diseased action. I

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through the vulva by the natural efforts. After the head was expelled the

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hematinoptysis has been applied by Lebert to a complication of he-

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seems to correspond with the distribution of the first division of

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our senses, it is to such that our attention is most attracted; and it could not

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the head directly upwards, the trunk of the body being held fixed; these, how-

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region ; in others a foreign body, a piece out of a grain of shot, was

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that “politics is a dirty business.” But, they are