Use Aricept Vascular Dementia

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Special Pathology — Nomenclature of Diseases — Subdivisions of General Patho-
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26 hours. Contact Linda Spino, PhD, Division of Continuing Educa-
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Formally educated MLHCP received a higher level of re-
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Precautions: General: Symptomatic relief should not delay definitive
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orders written after the patient has been examined and diag-
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specific causes of disease, at the present moment, does not extend beyond
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Autistic Citizens (SCR 100) Study the needs of autistic citizens and make recommendations concern-
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rain, good climate. Contact Mike Slaton, Administrator, Palo Pinto Gen-
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tween accreditation and recognition of individual physicians.
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4th Russell J. Blattner Lectureship. Houston. Contact Lynne Tiras,
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9039 Katy Freeway, Bldg. 200, St. 235, Houston, Texas 77024
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Chloride deficit may occur as well as dilutional hyponatremia