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Charles Cupp, 1 00 years old now, is featured in a special

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ference Committee and in the House and Senate our support

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the tendency to develop contractures. The disease may fol-

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Useful radiographic data include the distribution of densities

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depend on the amount of deposit which has taken place, and other circum-

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A tendency to fatty degeneration of certain of the tissues — the heart,

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about their use, as evidenced by a general tendency to

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diazepoxide MCI, making periodic blood counts and liver function

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few suicidal attempts were fatal, although some patients in-

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or confined to the groin Acute nonthrombocytopenic purpura

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tory conditions, including infectious endocarditis, chronic

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nition Award; 38 hours; 38 Cognates, ACOG. Contact Marilyn Ren-

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treatment which can slow or arrest its course. No medi-

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tioQ, in the pleural cavity, of a purulent liquid. The accumulation of pus

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that have the potential to cause severe pneumonia and that

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judgment" is used (by the board) to interpret the statu-

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Vocal fremitus is usually either arrested or diminished by liqnid effasion.

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that ansemia does not exist, but, when present, they denote a blood-change

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fniumcnitis. The inflammation, in the great majority of cases, is acute, but

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with Tracor sound booth and audiometer. Assets and good will reason-

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malingerer have had shrewdness enongh to discoTer that this test is relied

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spleen was controlled until an operative procedure, which

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Facial Soft Tissue Surgery). Zale Lecture Hall, UT Health Science

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quently a number of diseases are thus linked together in a consecutive series.

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• Rapid, virtually complete absorption from Gl tract

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Cyclacillin has less in vitro activity than other drugs ©f the