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and Maxillofacial Surgery; Psychiatry; Public Health;

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other pulmonary affections, in his work entitled Physical Exploration and the Diag-

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TBA. Category 1 , AMA Physician’s Recognition Award, Contact

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Edyvin W, Gerrish, MD, 55 East Erie St, Chicago, IL 6061 1

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with an increased likelihood that one or more family mem-

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a previous contact with the drug Previous history of allergy

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and vigorous, when attacked with acute inflammation. The increase takes

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TMA Group Insurance Programs Baylor Medical Plaza, 3600 Gaston Avenue

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arteries, especially the aorta, and the large vessels connected with it, aneo-

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diagnosis of circumscribed collections of liquid is not always easy. For the

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and 70s is being felt by many Texas patients— especially in

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hereby transfers, assigns, or otherwise conveys all copyright owner-

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stitute each of these affections an individual disease. In other instances,

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weight, impaired muscular strength, and a pallid aspect. These premonitions,

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and noncombustible lamp wicks and for other products re-

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development into tumors which sometimes attain to a great size. Hence,

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addition to deep burns over much of his face, body, and legs,

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typical of central nervous system stimulants, which act on the

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Health Science Center at Houston, Box 20367, Houston, TX

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care, and the number of physicians in full-time and part-time

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Use levarterenol or metaraminol for hypotension Dialysis is of limited value.

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7. Skirrow MB: Campylobacter enteritis: a "new" disease. Br Med J

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cal use of alpha methyldopa in the treatment of essential hypertension. Am J

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and Ohio rivers, along the western shore of Lake Michigan,

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bine in the blood, but the combination takes place and Prussian blue is

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A new very interesting study conducted for the Texas Med-