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surrounding the ventricular cavity (Fig 1 ). Anatomical loca-

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ventricular irritability. Back to square one — ether. Methoxy-

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use of barbiturates, alcohol or other CNS depressants increases depression

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Jaffe NS: Cataract Surgery and its Complications. St Louis,

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fluid pooled in the posterior fornix. The cervix was not dilated.

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Paul Jackson Rogers Lectureship. Scott and White Memorial Hospi-

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pleuritis is^id to be drj. Primary or idiopathic pleuritis is seated in the

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benzyl benzoate. 12.0 mg: Peruvian balsam, 18.0 mg; zinc oxide. 110.0

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may be restored after the re-establishment of the circulation.

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effect on pregnancy. However, fetal abnormalities have been

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Office of Continuing Medical Education, Texas Tech University HSC,

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place in the city, where he is not brought into close contact with newly-

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American Group Practice Association, Los Angeles, Nov 4-7,

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If substitution occurs, the notation, “Substituted for Brand

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readily recognizable in clinical practice and are associated

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As regards the time occupied by the process of coagulation, there is some

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It is ideological speech which lies at the heart of the First

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surgery. Prefer solo but will consider all offers. Texas license and

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guard against risk of rheumatic fever or glomerulonephritis. In