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pressure in melancholia, of decreased pressure in mania. The variations
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irritability in the fauces, which is, as I have already said, a common
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panies anaesthesia of the skin ; thus in what may be called a perfect
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in the case of dermatitis from cold (p. 716). In burns of the second
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or obscene. Such blasphemous or obscene words occur to pure-minded
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childbirth and lactation. Childbirth especially stands out as bringing on
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in the constitution of our social life. I do not think we are likely to find
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closer examination mental weakness is discernible. It is remarkable
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large protuberant masses on the surface of the tumour.
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fermentative variety with fcetid stools, minute doses of carbolic acid, or
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In no case can the phases of neurasthenia be calculated as we calculate
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Of the chemical caustics, some, like the strong mineral acids, acid nitrate
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snake to cure its own bite. There is, possibly, a real benefit
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and sunlight, which are common amongst agricultural labourers and others
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eczema already, it is easy to set up an artificial eczema by various forms
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1808 he stated : " It affects in some cases only the face and neck, in others
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of chronic course with febrile exacerbations, must for the present be
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of the olive oil. Such an emulsion can be painted on with a
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de Lisle added sixty years to his life, and a recipe by Arnold
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parable humor. Now that the instrument is reserved for its
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things had tried his hand at writing farces — is best known
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slowly increasing stagnation in the absorbent vessels, ending in rupture
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over the nape of the neck and the ear. In these situations it takes the
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sane of the same ages ; and the graver, the more prolonged, and more
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large " corn plaster " or isolating ring, and to wear properly fitting
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period a disease swept through the country in 1647 the pre-
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evidence of his imbecility being of a moral character.
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balls begin to form again. In size they vary from that of a hazel nut to that
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