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and efforts to remove the drug from the body should

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eclampsia, are due to urssmic poisoning. The urea accumulating beyond

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must be a part of the examination of such individuals.

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We are confident you will find the amounts payable and the benefit

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60). Isolated instances of headache, dizziness, abdominal pain,

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Platelet transfusions are indicated in the bleeding, throm-

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ness, pallor, perspiration and collapse) can occur even with the usual thera-

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the department with all new facilities in hospital and clinic. Howard

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well as the Texas statutes in an attempt to outline the legal

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ria, may further lower the defense mechanisms which have

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ship to the Texas Medical Association in the event that such work is

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pands the need for and the expertise required of the mem-

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The foregoing description of the anatomical characters of acute pleuritis

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or q i d , adiunctively in convulsive disorders, 2 to 10

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and he complained of left infraclavicular and subscapular

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two and seven years. The disease, however, may occur at any period from

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borns or persons who are severely deteriorated victims of injury, illness,

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occurring in less than 3% of the patients are unmarked.)

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sorbed drug leaves the circulation for storage sites, including

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management, including intubation, should also be adminis-

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give legal effect to their wishes to avoid artificial prolongation

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tients, except in the sole example of patients with thoracic

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are appreciable. The latter are distingnished as functional affections. Of

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this symptom, it may be necessary for the physician to observe for himself,

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of Dallas-Fort Worth area, Houston or San Antonio. Solo associa ion

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hold, regardless of previous pregnancy record, for all obli-