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soned that the real primary tumor may have regressed spon-
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(1 ) mother's CPK value; (2) number of daughters with normal
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Farmhouse Restaurant, visit the Wedgewood Factory near
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sema affecting especially the anterior superior portions of the lungs.
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'Dosage should not result in a dose higher than that for adults,
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less, stored at 2 C to 8 C, and protected from light before
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At the current time, examination of the retarded male must
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1 MacFadyen BV Jr, Dudrick SJ, Raberg RL: Management of gastrointesti-
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seen on the chest radiograph, the presence or absence of
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show the existence of hepatic trouble prior to the occurrence of pulmonary
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bles we were able to lower the risk probability of one mother
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Nov 29, Dec 20 & 27, and Jan 3. Category 1 , AMA Physician's Rec-
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Sciences Center Hospital in Lubbock on March 22, 1979.
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contraction in the gravid uterus by about 50% at anesthetic
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Medical Center Hospital. Write or call for additional information. Berry
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ducted a joint Canadian and US clinical study of isoflurane
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renal vasculature in normal man. Circ Res 34:309-316, 1974.
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supply 40 to 80 mEq of potassium ions. The usual preventative
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for professional associations, pension plans and profit-sharing plans.
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name of the drug dispensed, or if none, (b) the generic name,
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an expanded practice for nurse practitioners singularly fo-
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number of office visits. Diagnostic data were coded using the
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the neck with return of the abnormal values of coagulation
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NORTH DALLAS: FAMILY PHYSICIAN wanted for busy practice in
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August 81. Contact F. B. Khan, MD, 8646 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy., Brooklyn,
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HANDICAPPED PHYSICIANS — I am a multiply-handicapped doctor in-
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verse reactions are dizziness, sedation, nausea and
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tubercles or pulmonary calculi by their being unctuous to the touch, and
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provide valuable clues to etiology. When evidence of hepatic
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4. Horwitz Rl, Feinstein AR: Methodologic standards and contradictory re-
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each other, mnd the stretching of the membrane, withoot requirinfr the hypo-
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■ Texas Association of Physicians in Nuclear Medicine, Dallas, May
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On the other hand, numerous court decisions across the
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subcommittee sessions. And I have seen it repeatedly in newspapers,
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6. Cosio M, Ghezzo H, Hogg JC, et al: The relations between structural
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1980 the number of states taking such action had increased
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“Money is of a prolific generating nature. Money can beget money, and its off -spring can beget more."
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36. Glontz GE, Saslaw S: Methyldopa fever. Arch Int Med 122:445-447,