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ing the treatment too early because of slight exacer-
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are like canned fruit ; the blush and aroma are gone.
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terfeit presentment of physiological truth." Dr. H.
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powerful medicinal agent is also a possible poison.
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a luetic infection which two years after the completion of
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far as space permits, we review those in which we think
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all these different positions it can be firmly retained
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nation of his brain why he was a criminal — and the
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ally aspirate and inject with iodoform emulsion, or
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ing and give rise to hjemorrhage late in the course
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of the instrimient is then slipped between the peri-
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79 per mille. when the room congestion was only 10. to each room
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ferent localities wdiich are geographically removed
dered to the Philippine Islands, for duty on transport
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itself in an increase of appetite and gain of body-weight; in fact the patients feel stronger and fresher after
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surdity ; Nature is called upon to furnish a thunder-
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an intravenous injection of normal saline solution with r
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meeting of the academy will be held in Hosack Hall, under
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of the teeth with pulpitis. It is important to first
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excess of stain : this is then blotted off, and the
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an attack of epistaxis, and was thought to have had con-
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of the State Charities' Aid Society to devise ways and
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(leal of harm ; although to be fair, on the other hand,
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Rest is the strong arm of the service, it is the great
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cers serving in the Medical Corps of the United States
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spinal tumor seemed certain enough and immediate opera-
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tract where it is likely to become firmly entrenched
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Year's Progress in Medicine and Surgery. Under the Gen-
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ence, in only two cases, it was fifty per cent. 3. The
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to atropine, and this applies in all cogency to their
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tion ; in many instances this simple process of trans-
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because of their habits of life, and that all the sup-
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attacks sixty-one per cent, of its future male vic-
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functional inactivity lead to the process of elimina-
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Eleventh Edition, Re\'ised and Enlarged. With Three